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Ways To Make Money

There are so many ways to make money. Right now, opportunities are everywhere, all around you. Open your eyes. You'll be overwhelmed at what you'll see.


PS. How to open your eyes? Believe they're all there. Because you'll always try to prove your beliefs. So change your beliefs, and you'll change what you see in the world around you.

Loving Our Relationship

There's a huge difference between belief and trust. Many believe in Me, but very few actually trust Me. Many believe Me: That I exist. That I'm GOD. That I'm their Creator. But that's not trust. Even the devil believes all that. But trust means a relationship.

Loving our relationship,

PS. Hey, trust me more. Life will be a million times more fun if you do.

Delight In Yourself

I delight in you. When I look at you, I smile. You don't have to do anything good to make Me smile. You just have to exist, and I smile. You just have to breathe, and my heart leaps for joy. That's how important you are to Me.


PS. Learn from Me. Delight in yourself.

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Your Giant Fan

I can't stop talking about how wonderful you are. (My angels are used to Me by now when I start mentioning your name again...) Son, I believe in you.

Your Giant Fan,

PS. Hey, I believe in your greatness. More than you can imagine.

Promise Keeper

One day, you'll see the various events of your life—even the most painful ones—with new eyes. They will be like jigsaw pieces that now all fit together. The most difficult moments of your life are the lovely shadows that now make the painting of your life utterly magnificent. Son, I will turn your mourning into joy, your sorrow into dancing. That's a promise.

Promise Keeper,

PS. Sometimes, you don't understand. That's okay. I don't call you to understand. I call you to trust Me.

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